Busking at the Adelaide Farmers' Market

The Adelaide Farmers’ Market welcomes individual, duo and group musicians and artists as buskers performing music and other forms of family friendly entertainment.   If you would like to busk at the Market, you will need to complete a busking application form, have it approved by Market Management and book a busking time slot.

You may contact the Farmers’ Market office via phone or email to book your busking area and time.  One hour slots are available to book on a 'first in' basis. A maximum of two x one hour slots can be booked for any one market day. 

Due to the number of buskers wishing to perform at the market and to provide a variety of entertainment for our customers, the number of bookings for each busker will be limited to two market days per market location per calendar month.  Advance bookings are highly advisable but buskers are welcome to make a booking on market day at the Information Stand, bearing in mind that all busking slots may already be booked.

Prior to starting your performance, buskers need to sign in at the Information Stand.  Performers must perform only in the area and at the time directed by Market Management.

Complete the Form below

  • Name *
  • Act's Name (if applicable)
  • Email *
  • Website/Facebook/Youtube
  • Number of Performers *
  • Description of Act
  • I would like to book in for the following Sundays (Showgrounds) - maximum two per month. I understand I may only book ahead for two months maximum.
  • My preferred timeslots are (though I understand these may already be booked and are at the discretion of the Farmers' Market) *
  • I/We agree to the conditions listed below and any other directions from the Adelaide Farmers' Market Management *

Terms and Conditions

Busking Rules (revised Feb 2015)


1.         All performers must act in a respectable, professional and honest manner at all times.

2.         All performers must follow all directives of the Adelaide Farmers’ Market and understand that your application may be refused or revoked at any time without notice.

3.         Performers must not be intoxicated or under the influence of any substance whilst performing and behave in a fit and proper fashion.

4.         All performers must comply with all conditions of this permit, Australian Laws and Legislation.

5.         If under 12 years of age, be constantly supervised by a parent guardian, and have consent by way of signature on this form.

6.         If between 12 and 16 years of age, have consent from by a parent or guardian by way of signature on this form.

7.         Performers are limited to a maximum of two market days per market location per month.  Bookings can be made up to 2 months in advance of the date of performance. A maximum of two x one hour slots can be booked for any one market.

8.         Performers must perform only in the area as directed by the Market Management and must not obstruct pedestrian access, flow, fire exits or busk in doorways or entrances

9.            All buskers must sign-in at the Information Stand inside the Pavilion prior to performing each Sunday.

10.          Performers may be asked to stop by the Market Management if a number of complaints are received about loud or inappropriate music.

11.       Amplification is not allowed.  Exceptions may be granted by Market Management on a case by case basis for once off performances.

12.       Performer’s CDs and DVDs that relate directly to their performance may be displayed and sold at the place of performance. Performers must not approach shoppers nor ask others to sell their goods.

13.       Performers may not approach the public to ask for payment, nor charge a specific fee for their performance.

 14.       No busking inside the Pavilion without permission from the Market Manager.

 15.       No bare feet.