Avocados are rich in vitamins C and E and are also good sources of fibre. They are fantastic for maintaining a healthy appetite and are full of antioxidants, making this the reason they are considered a ‘super food’.

There are two common types of avocado mainly grown in Australia. The Hass avocado accounts for about 80% grown in Australia with the Shepard being the next most common. The Shepard has a limited availability (February – April) whereas  the Hass avocado is grown for most of the year, with the highest volume available March – November.

The best way to select an avocado is to gently press the top to test for ripeness. If it is quite firm, it will be ready in a few days. The Hass avocado changes colour as it ripens, going from a purplish black to an olive green. The Shepard avocado remains the same green colour regardless of its readiness.