The feijoa, often called the ‘pineapple guava’, is a green fruit about the size of a chicken’s egg. Despite the name, feijoas are not in the same family as the guava. They do, however, taste like pineapples, guavas, strawberries and passionfruit. The interior of the fruit is a greenish yellow, with edible seeds in the jelly-like centre. If the flesh in the centre is opaque, the fruit is perfectly ripe. A white centre shows the fruit is under-ripe and a brown centre shows it is over-ripe.

Feijoas grow on a flowering plant in the myrtle family and are native to southern Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and northern Argentina. Within Australia, there are about seven varieties of feijoas. The fruit drops from the trees when it is ripe, and when buying commercially, look for those that feel firm. They should be handled with care though, as they tend to bruise quite easily.

The interior of the feijoa is usually the section scooped out and used in cooking. The fruit can be stewed, dehydrated, preserved or used to make curries, cakes, salsas, smoothies and much more.

Cooinda Proprietors and Adelaide Hills Fresh Chestnuts stalls at Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market sell feijoas.