The parsnip is a root vegetable related to both the carrot and parsley. It is richer in vitamins and minerals than the carrot and is rich in potassium and dietary fibre. Parsnips can be eaten raw, but they are more commonly served cooked. Add parsnips to a soup, stew or casserole for a sweet, earthy flavour. They are also a popular vegetable to roast or mash.

Parsnips also make great chips. Rosa Matto, well known chef, foodie and Prospect Farmers’ Market patron, suggests serving the parsnip chips with orange and chili salt for a bit of a kick in winter. To make the chips, peel two parsnips into ribbons using a potato peeler. Deep fry in small batches for a minute or two, until they are crisp and golden.  To make the orange and chilli salt, combine 2 tsp of sea salt with ½ tsp of orange zest and ½ tsp of chilli flakes. Sprinkle this combination over the chips.

Patlins Gardens, W & B Hart, Bull Creek Organic Garlic and Virgara’s Garden sell parsnips at the Showground Farmers’ Market.