Honeydew, a type of melon, is a round or ovular shaped fruit with pale green flesh and smooth creamy white or yellow skin. It grows to about 15-20cm in diameter and has seeds in the centre, similar to a rockmelon. White-skinned honeydew is sweeter, whereas yellow-skinned honeydew has less sugar so is better to use in savoury dishes.

Honeydew is available at most times of the year with its peak period during January and February. The melon contains vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B-6 and fibre, making it a healthy snack to cool you down during summer. When buying honeydew, look for those which have a creamy white or pale skin, free from any blemishes.

You can find honeydew at Tobalong Tomatoes, Patlin Gardens, S&M Kondoprias and B&A Andonopoulos stalls at the Showground Farmers’ Market.