Cos Lettuce


Cos lettuce, also known as Romaine lettuce, has long, narrow, crispy leaves which meet at an elongated base. It has a slightly sweet, tangy flavour and can add a variety of texture and flavour to a salad and other dishes. A smaller form (baby cos) is also available as well as the larger sized cos lettuce.

As with other leafy green vegetables, cos lettuce contains antioxidants, as well as high levels of vitamin A, vitamin K and folate, and has more dietary fibre than other types of lettuce. Like other types of lettuce, cos lettuce is made up of about 95% water, making it quite a refreshing vegetable.

It is best to buy a whole head of cos lettuce rather than loose leaves, as a whole head is likely to be fresher. Store cos lettuce in either a plastic bag or a lettuce container in the crisper section of the fridge. It should stay fresh for up to five days.

The Vegie Basket, The Food Forest, Bickleigh Vale Farm, Tobalong Tomatoes, Virgara’s Garden, Patlin Gardens and W&B Hart sell cos lettuce at the Showground Farmers’ Market. Salad Greens and Kitchen Herbs also sell cos lettuce at both the Showground Farmers’ Market and Prospect Farmers’ Market.