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    About the Showground Market

    The Adelaide Farmers’ Market, Showground is the largest farmers’ market in South Australia. Established in October 2006, the not-for-profit organisation supports small family farms, agricultural diversity and fresh, regional and seasonal choices for consumers. The Farmers' Market attracts around 6,000 locals and tourists every Sunday. It is a vibrant place where farmers and producers representing every region of the state bring seasonal produce to sell direct to the public in inner-city Adelaide.

    The Market inspires consumers to consider where their food comes from and how it is produced. Producers  also maximise their profit margins by selling direct to the public and receive instant feedback from customers about product quality and preferences.

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    Adelaide Farmers' Market Awards 

    We were awarded the most Outstanding Farmers' Market in the delcious. Produce Awards 2016 by a panel of Australian food leaders at the 2016 delicious. Produce Awards, announced at a special event in Sydney on 12 September 2016.

    Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market was also named the nation’s best farmers’ market, according to the Australian Traveller magazine. 

    The article, published online on 16 June 2015, reveals the best farmers’ markets around Australia, with South Australia’s Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market (number one) and Barossa Farmers’ Market (number nine) both making the cut.


    This week at the Showground Market

    Sundays 9am to 1pm, Leader Street, Wayville

    Find out all you need to know about this Sunday's Showground Market here
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    Did you miss the South Aussie with Cosi I Choose SA show that aired at the end of May and featured the farmers' market? Don't worry - you can check it out here. Just click on the image left.

Patlin Gardens
B&A Andonopoulos (3)
Bull Creek Organic Garlic (2)
Fleurieu Lavender (4)
Flour Power Breads (2)
Hindmarsh Valley Dairy (6)
Virgaras Garden (4)