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    Table grapes are those which are grown for consumption while fresh. This is opposed to grapes that are grown for other purposes such as wine production and drying into raisins. Table grapes often have less sugar content and thinner skins than those used for wine production. They are unsuitable for wine production as their flavours do not survive fermentation and the lower sugar content results in less flavoursome wine.

    South Australia is an ideal place to grow table grapes, as a result of our warm, dry summers and rich soils. There are many varieties grown in Australia, including green or white, red and blue/black varieties. The peak period for table grape availability is from late summer into autumn. Some of the most common varieties, and those most popular for exporting, are ‘Crimson Seedless’, ‘Red Globe’, ‘Thompson Seedless’, ‘Midnight Beauty’, ‘Flame Seedless’ and ‘Menindee Seedless’.

    You can find table grapes at Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market at McLaren Vale Orchards & Miss Merbein, The Food Forest and Gerry Bariamis stalls.