Market Vision & Mission

The Adelaide Showground Farmers Market has operated since 2 October 2006 and was established with the assistance of the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society. The organisation is membership-based and welcomes consumers from South Australia, interstate and overseas who enjoy fresh, local and seasonal food, who want a taste of SA, and who are seeking an authentic visitor experience on a Sunday morning in Adelaide.

  • Our Vision

    The Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market provides a sustainable retail market place for South Australian farmers and producers to direct sell seasonal, regional, fresh produce and food products made from that produce, to the community. The Market also promotes value-adding manufacture of primary South Australian produce and educates the community about the production and use of fresh food and the importance of a healthy environment to that food.

  • Our Mission

    The Adelaide Showground Farmers Market offers a weekly food market selling fresh and value-added South Australian products direct from the growers and producers

    • For consumers: we offer an authentic experience and an opportunity to connect with producers and their products.
    • For producers: we offer an opportunity to generate a viable income, obtain direct consumer feedback and test products.
    • For the community: we promote the value of healthy eating and sustainable primary production.
  • Code of Ethics

    Adelaide Showground Farmers' Market producers will:

    • be true to their label and originality and not jeopardise the integrity of the farmers' market brand.
    • charge fair prices to offer value to customers while rewarding their own efforts.
    • observe the highest standards of hygiene and food safety in preparing, handling and storing all produce.
    • use the best available quality ingredients in the production of local value-added products.
    • support and promote other South Australian food producers.
  • ASFM Constitution

    View the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market Constitution here.