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The orange, mother nature's vitamin C pin-up boy.

Orange varietals Navel and Valencia are available by the bag through winter. The versatile orange makes fabulous marinades, wakes up vegetarian dishes, colours winter salads, enlivens roast meats, adds complexity to seasonal stews or curries and zips up desserts. A twist of zest transports the martini or perfects an espresso shot. A broken orange and a crush of rosemary inside a humble roast chook will undoubtedly impress your audience. Thinly slice the whole fruit and toss through lush bitter greens for wintry salads. Orange can also turn exotic when bathed in rosewater and cardamom or morph into an instant dessert when sprinkled with cinnamon.

And last, but certainly not least, slivers of orange with intense dark chocolate are a taste sensation.
Orange, radicchio and pistachio salad

Simply slice an orange, skin, pith and all, toss with radicchio hearts, a handful of peeled and slightly crushed pistachios, a splash of local extra virgin olive oil, a bruise of thyme leaves, pinch of macrobiotic sea salt and fresh pepper. Add steamed green beans or fennel bulb to make it a meal.

Orange and fennel with Italian sausage

Throw sausages in a pan with thin wedges of fennel bulb, slices of orange, skin and all, a few black olives and a twig of rosemary. When sausages are coloured, add a squeeze of juice to pick up pan juices. Take off heat, put a lid on and let sausages rest. Pile all on a platter, serve with sourdough and steamed broccoli tossed in orange zest and seasoned olive oil.

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