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The humble pear, once glorified as "a gift of the gods" by Homer in The Odyssey, is thought to have originated in present-day western China. Only in recent centuries have the Belgians and French developed what we now know as the traditional juicy and slightly granular fleshed European pear. In South Australia the well-known varieties include Beurre Bosc, Williams, Winter Nelis, Red Sensation, Josephine, Corella (Forelle), Packhams and Nashi. Pears are ripe when the flesh near the stem gives a little when pressed. Place cut pears in a lemon juice and water mix to stop them browning.

Most pears are delicious eaten raw and can be sliced or grated and added to salads, cakes, tarts, oatmeal and muffins. For a little natural sweetness, add pear to your list of juicing vegetables and fruit. They are divine poached in spiced red wine and served as a winter dessert, perfect accompanying a selection of farmhouse cheese and how can you go past the great salad combination of pear, walnuts, blue cheese and rocket?

We have a good range of pear varieties at the including flavoursome dried pears.

Did you know: Pears are the key ingredient in ‘Perry’ cider and they are also used to make the French eau de vie Poirre Wiliam.