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The South Australia pistachio harvest is well under way! The pistachio (and its correspondingly named seed), is a small tree originating from Iran and Afghanistan. This tree produces a fruit which has an outer fleshy skin that surrounds the hard whitish exterior shell with a seed inside. This seed (a pistachio) is commonly believed to be a nut, however is only a culinary nut, not a botanical nut.

If you can, be sure to try freshly picked pistachio kernels. They are juicy and flavourful – quite different from the dried style. Pistachios are great in savoury dishes including stuffings, terrines, dukkah and crusts for meat and fish. They also work perfectly in sweeter dishes such as biscotti, ice-cream, crumbles, baklava and cakes.

Remember, don’t throw out the shells - use them to line the bottom of pot plants for drainage, they make kindling as a fire starter and are good in mulch for shrubs and plants that require acid soils.